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Getting injured in an auto accident is never part of anyone's plan. If you've been hurt in an auto accident, you're probably wondering whether or not you need to hire an attorney. There are plenty of television commercials that will talk up a law firm's desire to represent you and you'll probably receive plenty of letters from eager firms, trying to get your business. At Folger & Tucker, P.A. we don't believe in aggressively chasing new clients. We have passion, integrity and a proven track record to showcase our auto accident lawyers' know-how to you as a potential client, and we will aggressively represent you to the fullest extent of the law. If you've been hurt in an auto accident, give us a call and see how we can help you get the best results possible.

When dealing with a workers' compensation matter, there are many moving parts to consider. Traditionally, workers' compensation cases tend to be lengthy, stressful battles dealing with multiple parties. At Folger & Tucker, P.A., we handle those headaches on your behalf and do our best to keep your case moving along in a timely manner.
Your primary focus needs to be on getting well and back on your feet, not worrying about whether you are paid for your lost wages, permanent disability or have a job to return to. Don't let an on the job accident turn into a nightmare for you. Hire a local firm you can believe in, like Folger & Tucker, P.A. today.

There's no such thing as a "good time" to deal with a separation, divorce or custody issue. These kinds of difficulties are often paired with emotional outbursts, hurt feelings and broken promises. If you're faced with an unfortunate family situation, you need a family law attorney who has compassion and experience. The attorneys at Folger & Tucker, P.A. have dealt with plenty of family law cases and are equal parts compassionate in their understanding and aggressive in their representation. Hiring an family law attorney for these kinds of matters isn't easy, but when you work with Folger & Tucker, P.A. you know you'll be working with a firm who will represent you with complete integrity and concern.

When charged with a traffic ticket, you may think to yourself: "It's no big deal." You'll pay the fine and move on with your life, no problem. Unfortunately, that ticket may end up costing you much more down the road if you don't get it handled properly. Your insurance premium may skyrocket or you might be dealing with points on your license. It's essential to have an traffic attorney you can trust take a look at your charges before just accepting the charges for what they are. This is especially true if you're faced with a DWI charge, as the penalties for DWI charges vary greatly and can be severe. Call the firm of Folger & Tucker, P.A. today and see how our team can help you with your traffic law matters.

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As a local firm in Rockingham County, Folger & Tucker, P.A. has been representing clients from Madison to Reidsville and the surrounding towns for decades. Your case is unique, just as you are, and here at Folger & Tucker, P.A., we believe firmly in treating you with the respect and dignity that you deserve. Dealing with a legal issue isn't easy or fun and working with an attorney shouldn't add to that stress. At Folger & Tucker, P.A., our attorneys and staff strive to offer you the best possible service and representation on your legal matters while remaining compassionate and responsive.

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It is vital to hire a skilled attorney, even for seemingly simple legal matters.

Some people believe certain aspects of the law are simple, like a last will and testament or incorporating a business. There are online forms that can be submitted for pennies on the dollar and they should be easy enough, right? Wrong.

Unfortunately, there are very few areas where the law is totally cut and dry. Often times, state laws overlap with federal laws, common laws may come into play and there could be statutes that need to be met or procedures that have to be completed before filing certain paperwork. These are all arenas where having a trusted attorney on your side will not only help you save time, but in the long run will save you money as well.

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